Monday, October 12, 2009

Boa viagens, and other excuses to party

In my inner circle, there was a lot of globetrotting going on last month. My parents jetted off to France for a long overdue and well-deserved vacation, and some other friends moved from Chicago to Swansea, Wales--but they didn't invite me to their parties. I was, however, invited to two very, very important parties last month that, quite unfortunately, I could not attend. One was Amagoia and Iñaki's wedding in Bilbão, Spain; the other, Monica's 30th birthday in Ireland. But before Shelley left Porto Alegre to take the LSAT in Florida, she and Rafa made a churrasco. mmmmm.....

I do believe I have developed an unhealthy attachment to salty red meat in my time here! And beer. Check this out! This is the front of Shelley and Rafa's new refrigerator, in their stylish new condo. There are other buttons and techno-wizardry, but the Beer Zapper just made me laugh (and perfectly encapsulated the Brazilian obsession with cerveja bem gelada,

You see the light next to the "cerveja 12 latas" indicator? You enable the super-chiller feature, put a case of beer in the special "bar expert" section of the freezer (yes really, click on the image!), and magic is performed. An alarm sounds when the beer has arrived at the perfect temperature. Oh, their sorcerous ice box also boasts an ice maker, which I've never seen here.

There was also lots of spirit(s) at Irish Simon's Shamrock Pub to bid fond farewell to Mariana and Roberto as they made their big move to Dublin.

Boa viagem, Roberto e Mari! (Adri, vai ficar aqui comigo, querida!)

And last but not least, we Estrangeiros em Porto Alegre had a fleeting return of The Jo's. Joe and Joanna passed through town en route to Rio, where they are now celebrating Joanna's birthday and the end of their year-and-a-half long South American expedition. They'll be settling in Stateside in the coming weeks. It was great to see them again, though briefly, and I wish them the best as they begin again, again.

Much love to Ama & Iñaki and to Monica. I assure you that I was with you in spirit(s).

Loquinha G