Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Woah, introspection.

A two-point post.

A. I’ve been busy. Really busy. One thing, of many, that I’ve learned about teaching English is that it’s either slower than you want (i.e. not enough students/classes), or it’s too fast. I’ll take the too many that I have, at the moment.

B. I’m going home soon. Before you get crazy, it’s just for a little while. Nevertheless, now that I’m thinking about that—going “home”—I have so many diverse ideas and emotions about it. Life has a way of lulling you into routine; it just happens. Life simply unfolds. But when you consider a major change in the routine, all sorts of things surface.

I am really excited to hug my Dad. I feel happy about seeing my other family and friends again. Kinda like the theme song to Cheers, I feel good about going where everybody knows my name... about experiencing my old life—in as much as one can return to the past—again. But I also feel apprehensive. I feel a little stuck, I guess, between two different worlds. I live in both every day, but I don’t acknowledge it daily. Only now, whilst I am keeping up a life in one and making plans in another, do I really look at the two Me’s that co-exist (reasonably) quietly within. I think that the relatively short break is going to be wonderful and costly at the same time…if that resonates.

More usual LG hyjinx as soon as I find some time to document them. In the meantime, enjoy this slideshow from the archives…

Bjs (beijos),

(Photos courtesy of my distant, but not forgotten, Clair.)