Thursday, July 9, 2009

tired and uninspired, happy and thankful

I have so many things to write about, but I just don’t have the oomph today. However, as I said I would post more often, I offer you a collection of coisinhas!

Coisinha charmosa #6

On that aforementioned rainy, November-like day, I was walking home and got pelted in the face with a fast-blowing leaf. I realize it sounds ridiculous, but this was a strong leaf with some weight to it. Plus, it was wet (and so, I maintain, heavier and more brutal). Anyway, I actually exclaimed “OW!” –out loud– before realizing how absurd it was and bursting into giggles.

Coisinha charmosa #7

Weekdays in Porto Alegre’s Centro are a bit chaotic. There's the honking and screeching of the cars, buses, and motorcycles. The sea of pedestrians hustling about move like blood cells–quickly and efficiently pulsing through the streets and galerias. Food vendors and flyer-distributors shout offers. The soundtrack is completed by the usual assortment of buskers; a bluegrass band, a guy that taps a tambourine with his foot while plucking a guitar and blowing a tune through a leaf, the poor-but-musically-inclined Peruvian family, the guy that leaps through the ring of knives as the audience cheers him on, and the guy that always attracts a crowd with his unique take on classic rock in English. The hyper-stimulation I used to feel has all but disappeared now, fading into a newly-defined normality. But I wondered the other day… the next time I walk down Chicago’s Michigan Avenue at rush hour, will it seem eerily quiet to me?

Coisinha charmosa #8

A couple weeks ago (and 5 months too late, apparently), I met Davion and Lindsay. I received an email from a stranger that had found me during a Google expedition. Jamaican-born Davion and his girlfriend Lindsay have been in Porto Alegre since January on an exchange program through their university (in Hartford, Connecticut). In fact, they live on the same street as me just a few blocks up. It was such a joy talking with them over cocktails the night we met, that we arranged to go for a nice Italian meal and wine a couple nights later. Unfortunately, they were heading off to Bahia for a month, but they’ll be back for a few days in early August. I’m looking forward to seeing them again!

Coisinha charmosa #9

I am going to write a separate post about my delightful trip to Fundação Iberê Camargo soon, but in the meantime, here’s his bike.

I’m not sure what makes me love it so much, but I do.

Coisinha charmosa #10

Last Saturday, out for a run along the riverfront (or is it a lakefront?) path, I passed a scene I’d like to recount for you. There was a large tree—bare of leaves, tall, and with many outstretched limbs. For reasons I know not, someone had strung dozens of red paper hearts from the branches. Under the tree was a young couple, in their late teens I suspect. The girl was jumping, jumping, trying to catch one of the hearts. The two were laughing, teasing, playfully affectionate as they joked. After her unsuccessful attempts, the boy jumped at the hearts a few times before snagging one for her. They hugged. I smiled.

Love, people,