Saturday, July 4, 2009

I am a firecracker.

Better yet, I’m a bottle rocket. Explosive lately, but in a good way.

Independence day indeed!* I just got back from a run (my first in many months) which was surprisingly long and strong. I’ve been walking at least five miles a day, and peppering my weeks with lap swimming and yoga. I feel fantastic.

But my high results from far more than endorphins. I have set (a minimum of) three goals, which are entirely within my control, every day since June 19th – and I have been a mini-goal achieving machine. I feel competent, confident, and sparkly.

It’s good to feel sparkly, especially on Independence Day!

Moreover, I have many other things to report, including some very good news*, but it cannot be today. I have things on the agenda. Wishing a wonderful and safe holiday to all my friends Stateside, and a very lovely birthday Sunday to Kris and Ivan!

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