Monday, July 13, 2009

Field Trip! The Iberê Camargo museum

One of the mini-goals I recently put into action was to tick some of the “culture stuff” off my list. So when Nick came to visit a couple weeks ago, I made it a priority to get to the city’s newest art museum, Fundação Iberê Camargo.

Arriving at the four-story museum, patrons take the elevator to the fourth floor and work their way down. The highest floor houses a rotating, visiting exhibit; in my case, Dédale, a series of videos and photography by French artist Pierre Coulibeuf.

As you work your way down to the ground floor, there are a handful of galleries exhibiting work of the museum’s namesake. Ok, that was all cool and stuff, but frankly, the building itself stole all the glory.

The museum is perched on a narrow strip of land between a small cliff and the riverfront in Zona Sul (the southern district), and the views back toward the Porto Alegre skyline were not wasted by the architect. From a window which is normally out-of-view to passers-by, museum patrons are treated to a surprise spectacle as they stroll through the hallways.

The sloping corridors that guide you downward through the building are stark, white, and boxy—warmed by honey-colored wood floors. The lighting in the entire museum is interesting and we benefited (unexpectedly) by being in the space during the late afternoon hours, which allowed us the three distinct looks of the space in daylight, twilight, and nighttime.

And check this out! The city skyline is beginning to light up, just as the darkness outside creates a reflection of the galleries on the inside. Cool.

There are some great articles about the ICM in Architectural Record and the New York Times (“Modernist Master’s Deceptively Simple World”—which I can’t link without getting a subscription login page, frown), both of which offer nice (that is, professional) pictures.


(As my parents frequently observed: “You can dress her up, but you can’t take her out.” I call this video "Jenny Being Goofy in Sophisticated Places.")

My day at Iberê was such a treat, that I look forward to another rendez-vous with the art world later this week…I plan to visit MARGS again for a “We Brazilians Love Love Love France” exhibit. More on that…

Happy Monday!


P.S. I have an addendum to Coisinha charmosa #10! While taking a long walk along the riverfront today (this time armed with fancy photo machine), I snapped this shot of the Arvore de Amor, the tree that had all the hearts on it. This time, there were only a few remaining.

And I thought to myself, "Self, I appreciate that tree and I want a heart. Why can't I have a heart? Silly Self, of course you can have a heart. Go for it!" So I crossed the street, climbed the tree, and untangled a heart (which are wooden, as it turns out). When I descended, happily, I noticed a couple across the road who were, from the same spot I had been the week before, watching my efforts to win a heart. I held it up for them with a huge smile, they cheered, and I walked on - utterly satisfied.