Tuesday, June 9, 2009

O que estou pensando agora?

What am I thinking now? Good question, Facebook.

I am thinking about the Ladies Night tomorrow at Bere’s. Bere (Berenice, actually) is a super-bacana chica I met through my friend, Natália, and is but one of the new girlfriends I’ve recently gained, yay! All brasileiras, each of them my age give or take a few, very independent, well-educated, successful, sassy, and inspirational. We’ve been getting together for home-cooked meals, make-overs, boy-chats (and more heady conversations, too), and libations of course. I adore them and am learning a lot from my new inside connection.

Ana, Natália e Bere

Tatiana, Bere, Natália e Fifi

In the name of cosmic balance I suppose, sometimes when we gain one treasure, we lose another. I had a lovely lunch at Clair and Carlos’ home last Sunday. (Drat, I forgot to take a picture.) They will be leaving us soon to return to Amsterdam. I will miss them dearly until we meet again.

I am thinking about Friday–Dia dos Namorados, Valentine’s Day–when I will be an honored guest at Shelley and Rafael’s wedding. It was a warm and fuzzy reunion when the duo walked into Santíssimo last Saturday, Shelley having just landed from her visa-required, pre-wedding sojourn back to Florida. It will be a small ceremony, just sixteen guests, but certainly a very moving one. And the after-party at Clube da Saudade should be a hoot. Shelley, Rafa, and I ended up there one rambling evening. The nightclub targets a more, ahem, mature clientele (but they let us in anyway!). They have a fantastic band that plays all the hits one would expect at a wedding reception and serve not-so-dainty cocktails. We danced like fools last time and I expect Friday will be no different.

Lisa, Shelley, Rafael e eu

I am thinking about all the things I have to do before Friday, and that I’ll have to miss tomorrow night’s World Cup qualifier match—Brasil x Paraguay. Should be a good game, but I can read about it in the papers on Thursday (praticar, praticar, praticar). In related news, the unsurprising, but official, announcement came out last week that Estádio Beira-Rio (Inter’s stadium) will be one of the venues for the World Cup 2014. (Hmm, I wonder if I’ll be here then?) Also last week, Inter lost against Coritiba 1x0, but thanks to their 3x1 win at home the week prior, still moves on to face the Ronaldo-reinforced powerhouse, Corinthians in the final round of the Copa do Brasil. Yikes! Hopefully I’ll manage to get tickets for the big match in Beira-Rio.

I’m thinking I wish I could give my Dad a hug. In the interim, my friends are keeping me warm.

Oh, and I’m wondering why nobody corrected my misspelling of Louquinha in the start-up phase?! Ha! Too late now!

Loquinha Gauchinha