Friday, June 19, 2009

It’s easy when it’s new.

Your job. Your home. Your relationship. Your chucking-everything-and-moving-countries-without-the-usual-arrangements-in-place. Maybe my self-diagnosed A.D.D. is more severe than yours, but I find that after six to nine months in any of the above, I need new stimuli. Still, that old feeling of stagnation has been but a minor tugging—compared to some of the other molehills I’ve recently been crafting into mountains.

I’ve been swirling around lately, contemplating (in a decidedly bah-humbug sorta way), well, everything: a dwindling financial security net; a wave of frustration over less-than-ideal circumstances that are outside my control; and a feeling that I haven’t made as much progress on my personal goals as I wanted to by now.

Enter my good friend Thiera. I spoke with her at length yesterday and she helped put all the pieces back into a manageable perspective. She suggested I start making mini-goals. “Each night,” she instructed, “list three things you want to achieve the next day which are both reasonable for a one-day time frame and attainable without dependency on an external agent.” I checked off my mini-goals today and have created my list for tomorrow, the process of which has recast my mood in light.

In addition to my three daily mini-goals, I made some other resolutions:

  • documenting (for myself) one new, interesting, unusual, and/or entertaining observation or experience each day,
  • including some of those in my updates, which I will make a concerted effort to post twice a week, and
  • re-implementing the concept of Single-Serving Friends in my life.

Reinvent what you can, always.


Coisinha charmosa #1

Despite the chill that winter brought to Porto Alegre the past few weeks, today Mother Nature gave us a delightful break. It was positively perfect—dry, sunny, and approaching the 80s—with a gorgeously clear blue sky. (I know it’s a bit cliché to be thankful about the weather, but it is coisinha charmosa Number One.)

Coisinha charmosa #2

After nearly 15 months in my apartment, tonight, I figured out the pilot light contraption that lights the oven. Huh. It does work! Well then...I suppose I should cook something.

Coisinha charmosa #3

The aforementioned Sul Café coffee cups. This one says: “Café pode ajudar na prevenção de drogas.” Coffee can help in the prevention of drugs.