Thursday, May 28, 2009

Sálvio Spinola Fagundes Filho, FDP

My neglect in posting is almost criminal. I haven't abandoned you. I've just been out doing...lots of stuff...I guess. I'll slot a day soon for writing, I promise myself, because not only do I have some little bits to share here, but I owe Galavanting a piece or two, as well as two other sites that have requested contributions, and an expat interview in Portuguese! (Yay and Yikes in the same breath!)

Today was soccer day. After fulfilling a few obligations in the morning, I was free to enjoy Barcelona's victory over Manchester United whilst alternating between coffee and beer at four in the afternoon. Tonight I had a cadeira (chair) at Inter's stadium to watch the Copa do Brasil semi-final against Coritiba [Thank you, Bruno!]. The enemy scored first, but we managed to tie shortly thereafter. Then it was a tense and aggravating battle.

I know a bit about the game by now but, certainly, am no expert--so I maintain that when even I spot a bad call, it's an egregiously bad call! Tonight's ref was bar-none the worst I've ever seen. I have never bothered to learn the name of a game's referee before, but in this case I felt compelled to research: Sálvio Spinola Fagundes Filho
, FDP. (FDP is an abbreviation for a phrase that would lend itself to a bar of soap in my mouth were I still a teen.) His calls were so appalling that I wondered if we were watching the same game. Has he ever been involved in a betting scam? Can we give him a red card? Despite his best attempts to seemingly throw the game to Coritiba, my darlings fought bravely, persistently, and patiently. They scored again 14 minutes into the second half, and again 2 minutes later. Phew. 3x1 Inter. Next step: the second half of the semi-final round on their turf.

Please let there be a different referee.