Saturday, January 31, 2009

A tequila and a trim, please

I am frequently amused by signage around town. For example, take this hair salon, err, saloon.

Wait, another one?

Now, the Portuguese identifiers for salon are salão, or estética, or cabeleireiro, but as I’ve previously mentioned, there seems to be a prevailing idea that English words somehow make your business more glamorous. Or not...

The letter K doesn’t even exist in the Portuguese alphabet (or, more accurately, didn’t exist until January 1st of this year when it was added, along with a lump of orthographic changes to the official language). So why, then, would this paint brand be called “Killing”?

I understand marketing your business by stamping your logo on pens, hats, bags, or the like. But Astra Plastics takes a more personal approach:

Presente em seu lar! “We’re there with you in your home [during your most intimate moments, apparently].”

It’s not just salons and hardware stores. The food and beverage people are eager to get in on the act too. You won’t find any of that whiny country music here:

Hey, that sounds good. It’s Saturday night. Vamos lá!!

Cheers! LG