Thursday, December 25, 2008

Addendum: My crazy Natal, Part 2

Most of the photos I snapped at the wonderful Leitão family party, which began at 9pm, were awful. I attribute this to the waiters that kept topping up my champagne glass at every turn. Hopefully I’ll round up some better group shots later. But this fuzzy and festive tree, situated in the middle of the lush courtyard, gives you a hint of my hazy Christmas celebration.

One of the highlights of the evening was Nikito’s show and tell of the macaw hatchery. He breeds the giant and gorgeous parrots, and graciously gave us a tour of the incubator room. Did you know that the gestation period for these birds is 26 days? Neither did I! With the aid of a flashlight, I got to see the development process in various stages (from 5 days to “birthday”), and it was very cool. And look, sometime around 1am, one of the araras was hatching.

(psst, hit play.)

Sometime around 3am I was dancing along to classic Martinho da Vila—part of DJ Augusto’s entertainment. Fifi and I left the party at 4:30am with Nikito, Paula, and Patricia with tickets to a dance party for, what else?, more champagne.

It was an unusual, but hilarious and wonderful, holiday! A million thanks to Victoria and Bruno, Ana and Totô, Carmen and Tunico, and all the Leitão’s for making Fifi and I feel so delightfully welcome.

And now, I'm off to Floripa! Wheeeee!