Sunday, September 14, 2008

Down cycle

The other day I saw a nearly-toothless fruit vendor standing on a sidewalk, chuckling to himself as he threw breadcrumbs up to his pet rooster on the roof of the stall. Odd. But it made me smile.

Otherwise I haven't been my jovial self for a while. We've had lots of rain, I'm suffering another round of transitional shock, and my team just isn't performing like I had hoped this year.

Oh, and the building handyman has a bottomless well of handywork on his agenda--most of which requires drilling into brick at 7:30 in the morning. Thanks to Paul and Amy I am now armed with heavy-duty earplugs that I suspect were swiped from the fire station on account of their exceptional quality.

Anyway, I'm laying low, listening to the new Beck album ("Modern Guilt", which is flawless), and trying to sort through my thoughts.

Obrigada por sua paciência...