Tuesday, August 12, 2008

si la vida te da más de cinco razones para seguir...

se fuerza la máquina de noche y de día

I absolutely adore Manu Chao. I have been looking for a recording of Cinco Razones, a song he wrote for the excellent film Princesas, for about two years. The ultra-bacana (cool) world musician recently added the song as a free download on his site. Happiness.

Manu Chao was born in Paris though you wouldn’t know it from his songs in Spanish, unlike his songs in Portuguese, English, or Arabic, when you can detect an accent. His albums are creative and unusual, and the upbeat melodies and rhythm contrast powerful, socially conscious lyrics. Yes, I hold Manu, the stranger, in high regard. I like to imagine that he is (if I were to meet him) like the enigmatic Cedric Moalito.

Thiera and I met Cedric last fall at the Tupiniquim Hostel in Rio de Janeiro. Cedric is French too, from the island of Corsica. Beyond his mother tongue he speaks Spanish and English (that I know of). He said he was a journalist, which I assume would require a certain level of seriousness that I never witnessed. The Cedric I saw those few days was utterly carefree—careless basically—an enviably free spirit. I’ve kept loose tabs on Cedric since our meeting. I’ve followed his travels—from his tour of Central and South America, to his excursions in India, Nepal, and Thailand—vicariously through his excellent photography. I’ve added a link to Le Blog Moalito on the left. He usually writes in French, but even if you don’t know anything beyond s’il vous plait, it’s worth a visit for the photos. I encourage you to check out the Best of Latin America gallery on the lower left. Enjoy.

I have been doing some pretty heaving thinking lately about where I’ve been the last few years and where I want to go. The last time I felt so pensive—but also so free—was in Budapest. Then, as now, I felt a hyper-sensitivity to the vastness of possibility that lay ahead.


So, along with all this reflection, I'm standing (sideways, mind you) in my kitchen cooking black beans for tomorrow, drinking chimarrão, and filing my nails over the sink. And I realize… I am my own Brazilian wife. "So what do I need a guy for?"

Oh yeah, massage. I had my first shiatsu massage today, with Eduardo. Oh. Yeah.

There’s (always) more…