Saturday, August 30, 2008


When you're on a long-term travel adventure, you have to be prepared for a social life that is somewhat like an iPod on shuffle. Joe and Joanna's time in POA is up, and they are leaving us for Buenos Aires tomorrow.

I love this picture of Joanna, who has that glint her eyes indicating she's just about to start laughing. And if the time I've spent with them is any indication, she and Joe must laugh quite a bit in their own company. Just last night at dinner, Joanna entertained us with a story about a borderline pornographic exchange between a male trainer and female patron of their gym. As the trainer was (cough) assisting in some unusual flexibility exercises, he encouraged the lycra-clad cutie with a steady repetition of "isso"--something like "that's it, good, uh-huh, yeah." We were already laughing when Joe treated us to an impersonation of the bicep-centric clientele (and graciously agreed to let me record and post it)... video


We are really going to miss them. They have hosted us, fed us, let us stay too late, entertained and inspired us.

(mmm, brownies)For Joe & Joanna, I submit the following photos of our shared world, even if it was just three months, with which to reprogram the inner "isso!"

Boa viagem!

Can't wait to read the next chapter...

Loquinha Gauchinha (and the peeps)