Saturday, May 17, 2008

Já Já! (or, "I'll be right back!")

The nice weather is lingering longer than I expected, but my life has been non-stop inaction this week, which will explain the lack of posting. I have just a few thoughts and photos to share with you today.

The current joke about Internacional is that they forgot to enter the field on Wednesday, when they were surprisingly and easily defeated by Sport, thereby getting knocked out of the Copa do Brasil. No matter. The Campeonato has begun and I’m expecting good results.

I have been looking for a sweet to satisfy myself in times of craving. I found these cute little things at the supermarket…

…which I thought might be marzipan. Instead, the center is like the coconut center of a Mounds bar covered in ¼ inch of pure sugar. Ooo, too sweet! I bit three times on a candied fig before spitting it out. Most cakes are smothered in dulce de leite, nah. In the end it’s to my advantage that I’m not keen on the majority of the desserts, though I do enjoy pudim leite. If it’s prepared differently than flan, I wouldn’t know from the taste.

Fabricia tipped me off on some entertaining signage around town. Here’s an upscale lingerie store:

Victoria Winter is quickly becoming my Verizon! Thanks to her I am growing a network. I met some people at a couple language schools that were very friendly. She introduced me to some relatives, Aninha and Tôtô (which is a nickname for Antônio), that run one school from a charming house in Moinhos de Vento (a posh neighborhood). They were such wonderful conversationalists that our quick meet’n’greet turned into a 3 hour conversation covering artwork, politics, a crooked landlord, and Cirque do Soleil. When the sun began to set, Tôtô announced, “Meninas! (Girls!) Come look!”

My Portuguese is improving noticeably too, so it feels like I am laying groundwork for better posts in the coming weeks. Thank you for your patience!