Sunday, April 6, 2008

Box Clever

So some of you heard my story about my boxes taking a nap at Brasil Legal in Chicago. Bear with me as I outline the key points for those that haven’t, and then I will introduce a little pool I've decided to hold.

Ok. Brasil Legal (incidentally, “legal” [leg-ow] in Portuguese is the colloquial equivalent of “cool” or “sweet”) is an import goods store on Western Avenue. Marcelo gave me the hot tip that they coordinate shipping to Brazil for a fraction of the cost of other methods I checked. The shop teams up with a New Jersey-based moving company called Fastway (oh, the irony!). You drop your boxes off at the shop and Fastway collects them once a week, theoretically. I was advised upon depositing two boxes on February 17th, a date I set intentionally, that it takes roughly 8 weeks for the boxes to travel to the east coast, be loaded on a ship, sail, unloaded, clear customs, truck, hotel. Great. So the boxes should arrive in the middle of April, and give or take 10 days, I’ll be there—at least, that’s what I figured.

I became slightly concerned when I noticed a couple weeks later that my check hadn’t been cashed. Hmmm. Visit website. Enter tracking number. Hmmm. The following week: website, tracking, hmmm. At least my boxes left before I did, I was pleased to learn a few days prior to my departure. My check was posted 3/19. So I checked the tracking number on the website today, just for giggles.

17/03/2008 Depósito USA
00/00/0000 Trânsito maritime

Ummm. First, I sent them in February, not March! Nice try. Second, 00/00/0000 does not look promising to me. But at least it appears that they are somewhere near a boat.

THE BOX POOL goes like this: I have created a table with some possible delivery dates (excluding any public holidays, weekends, and a few random weekdays—just to make things interesting). Select one of the dates below and bet whether I will receive one or two boxes on that day. A la “The Price Is Right” – the winner will be the person that guesses the right number of boxes delivered (on the first delivery, should there be two) without going over (or in this case, under?). There is also a slot for the pessimists out there, but that slot goes to the first person that claims it.

[Google ate my image.]

Click on my profile, then the email link to place your bet. First come, first serve. I will take the liberty of bumping you to the next open date (in the same column) should your first choice be taken. Winner gets a plane ticket to visit. Ha. Just kidding. But there will be some sort of silly prize.
Today’s first picture is a store sign I passed about a week ago, and felt that certain knowingness that I must return with my camera.

Finally! Someone who understands! (An alternate reaction that comes to mind… “Right on! Pass me the cupcakes.”)

Actually this fitness thing is going well. I’m taking pilates thrice weekly and I walk a lot. I confess, I haven’t suffered much… I mean breakfast is something like this:

Check out that abacaxi man! What a strange shape! Pineapples are so sweet here, with just the faintest hint of that tartness that riddles our pricey Hawaiian imports.

It’s the Sunday edition so I’ve included a bonus photo.

Loquinha Gauchinha